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botthms Calf Compression Sleeves

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botthms Calf Compression Sleeves

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Perform Better. Recover Faster. With our botthms calf compression sleeves that are designed to offer

    • Increased calf muscle support
    • Stabilize the calf for greater muscle efficiency
    • Improve circulation
    • Speed up lactic acid removal and ultimately help your lower leg muscles function better.

It essentially helps speed up the recovery process and help you perform better. The perfectly positioned reflectors logo also improves visibility with an all-round effect for added safety in the dark.

No matter what your sport of preference might be, these compression socks are perfect for both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Crossfit & functional training, running, jogging, weight training, rugby and biking are only a portion of the popular fitness programs where wearing compression socks is a must!

Benefits Using Compression Socks

  • Pain Relief
  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Helps muscle damage and the risk of overuse injuries

What They Do?

The tight fabric squeezes and supports your veins and helps your blood make the journey back to your heart, thus improving oxygen flow and speeding recovery. Not every scientific study shows measurable results, but many athletes, from weekend to warrior, report good results.

Perform Better. Recover Faster.  

The key functions of the calf sleeves are warmth, compression and a strengthening of the receptive input. These create a unique composition that together prevents injuries, enhances performance and ease rehabilitation of injuries. Recovery is a key success factor for top performance in competition. Your body needs to recharge efficiently so that you are always ready to deliver peak performance. Compression is the technology for smart recovery.

Wear them before you exercise for fresh and rested calves or during training to reduce muscle pain and delay muscle fatigue during recovery to avoid swollen heavy legs and reduce DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

Customer Reviews

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Cecil Sturgeon

botthms Calf Compression Sleeves

Jerome Kuhn
Compression calf sleeves

💯 completely satisfied and works amazing... Thank you so much!

C wicks
Exactly what I needed

Great fit and supports really well

Gary Mc Crossan
Great job

Had a few other makes of sleeves but these a far tighter fit, Brilliant job thanks

Enrico Gobbi
Super sleeves

Very good material 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Grip socks on point

Read all the hype about these socks so thought I’d give them a try! They lived up to expectations, great feel in the boot and little to no movement for 80mins. I liked them so much I bought a second pair!
Highly recommend!


Great job

Had a few other makes of sleeves but these a far tighter fit, Brilliant job thanks

Gary Mc C

Over the moon

Really glad I found the botthms silicone ring I almost lost a finger at work so haven’t worn a ring at work for a while now I can. Also is great at the gym as it is soft and doesn’t dig in. Recommend to anyone who isn’t sure worth every penny. I used the online sizer and it fitted a treat I went with the charcoal one.

Mark S

Great product

Quick delivery, comfy fit and saves my gold wedding ring from scratches in the gym etc!

Dan F
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